Artificial Intelligence Cardiac MRI (cMRI) Automation Solution​

Solution summary

Fully automate cardiac MRI image
analysisto improve diagnostic accuracy
and reduce examination time.

  • Fully automated
  • Higher accuracy
  • Reduced examination time

KFDA Certified

Passed FDA 510(k) in the United States

Automation and easy report

Fully automated acquisition of MRI images and analysis of quantitative biomarkers for the diagnosis of various cardiomyopathies. Evaluate the heart's performance and detect structural problems. Apply ultra-high-contrast contrast enhancement algorithms to accurately report the condition of the heart muscle and provide detailed additional information for healthcare providers.

  • Automated imaging
  • Assess heart performance
  • Detect structural issues
  • Accurately report the condition of the heart muscle

How it works

Acquire T1 and T2 values, representative biomarkers of MRI images, and analyze ECV, a clinical indicator, with a single click. The AI-based analysis software automatically segments the heart and provides normal and abnormal biomarkers for each part through MR finding.

  • Acquisition of T1 and T2 values
  • Analyze ECV, a clinical indicator


It also automatically generates existing bull's eye maps and provides tools optimized for cardiac MRI image analysis,
Based on data acquired from major hospitals in Korea, we confirmed that it shortened the examination time and improved the accuracy

  • Myomics LGE

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  • Myomics LGE Diagnostic accuracy